Hi, I’m Tommy and I love Wedding Photography!

I always had a passion for taking photos but never really took it serious until around 3 years ago when I purchased my first DSLR camera.  I remember always being busy taking pictures on vacations. When more and more people started commenting on the quality of my photos, my interest grew rapidly. Eventually  I decided to aid it by self-learning so  I read a few ‘How to books’ and took to the streets. Approximately 1 year after picking up photography as a hobby friends and family began asking me to shoot their wedding. I had no idea how I would perform and was very nervous as I hadn’t discovered my style or my favourite type of photography yet. On top of that, I feared that I would not be able to connect with the occasion as  my parents divorced when I was very young so I never really understood the big fuss about Weddings.. But something happened during my very first wedding shoot. It was as though I felt a connection to the emotions of the entire day. Perhaps it was  something that had been missing from my life. At first I wasn’t sure what it was but  I felt a sense of belonging and an unexplainable urge to capture all  the happiness and beauty of the occasion with a desire  to portrait a beautiful story in a series of images which would define the very best moments of the day. I just could not stop taking photos, I was the first at the venue and the last to leave.  For the entire wedding I did not put the camera down. Every time I turned my head I saw moments to capture. Before handing over the images to the couple I poured myself a glass of wine, collated all the images into a slideshow, added some music and started reviewing my work. This was the exact moment I found myself in my own images.  I began to shed tears as I relived the beautiful and memorable moments of the entire occasion. I had found an ability to emotionally connect to the entire occasion and immediately knew I had found what would define my love for photography. The couple from my first shoot  were ecstatic when I handed over the pictures and went on to say that  I had produced a series of natural images capturing all the memorable moments in a unique fashion.  From that day forward it was clear to me how passionate I was not only about  taking photos but of being part of such memorable occasions.  Now, 3 years later   I run a bespoke photography business which  on a whole focuses on weddings and live in happy household with a wonderful wife and two young children.

But what sets me apart from all the other photographers.?  

Well  I always advocate that I have a particular unique style to my photography and that I can tailor my style to the clients expectations. I always urge interested clients  to meet me over a coffee before making any commitments. This gives me a chance, not to sell my photos or my skills, but  for the interested couple to get to know me and  understand my passion behind being part of someone’s wedding. My passion prides on getting to know the couple not only on a professional level but also on a personal level so that I can truly feel what is important and memorable to them and to get a feeling of what really makes them happy. This enables me to try and  develop a relationship of comfort and trust with the couple which in turn always results in more natural and relaxed image capturing. Spotting natural poses, candid moments and using  natural light is what defines my style of photography. I don’t believe in limiting myself to certain packages, charging for hourly services or number of pictures. I believe it is the clients day and they should have access to all their images and they should dictate how much of my service they want to include. The way I see it is that my job is not to simply produce a series of great images, it is to help the couple make that particular day the most memorable in their entire life span.  I therefore put great emphasis on  understanding what is special to the client and then to  couple that together with my ability in order to tell a unique still story . To do that I need to be there  right from start to finish and cover absolutely everything from cake to dress,  to table decorations, to the first kiss, to the ceremony, to the first dance, to the tears, the spills, the thrills  and much more.. After all it is their special day and it makes me feel special knowing I have provided visual memories to hold on to which will be admired by generations to come.

So now you know a little  about me. If you’re interested or undecided whether I am right for your big day, why not just contact me, have a chat and then decide whether you would put your trust in me to capture  the most memorable day in your life!

Kind Regards

Tommy Preston (Photographer & Founder of PPP)